Medicine for ADD and ADHD

Western Medicine such as Ritalin, adderall, Vyvanse, Intuniv and others is using to treat ADHD and ADD. All of this western medicine is very effective treatment for ADHD. The medicine had been listed as generic drugs. Patients need a prescription to buy the medicine. Western Medicine Treatment did not combine with others treatment technique to treat the child behavior and it will bring a lot of bad side effect to your child. Bad side effect of ADHD and ADD drugs include fatigue, insomnia, low appetite, rapid heartbeat, stomach not feel well, depress, mood swing, headache and others. The worst cases are ADHD patient addicted to the drugs and hallucination.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on Yin, Yang and 5 phases (wood, water, fire, metal and earth). In Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine) – Chapter 5: On the Phenomena of Yin-Yang describe, YIN is dark, cold, weak, clear urine, slow and fine pulse. YANG is heat, burn, insomnia, dark urine, rapid pulse. In Huang Di Nei Jing also mention, “Yin and yang are the law of the heaven and earth. Yin and yang are disordered, disease is induced”. Huang Di Nei Jing is the first Chinese medical book that written in 2000 years ago.

Chinese Master believes ADHD is causes by YANG overactive. When the Yin and Yang are not balance, people will get sick. In Chinese Master opinion, when Yin is too little and Yang is too much, child will have ADHD and ADD. Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive as of result of Kidney Yin deficiency cause of hyper-activities of liver Yang.

Chinese Master uses more than one herbal to treat a disease or disorder. They are very less using just only one type of herbal to treat a disease. Normally, a Chinese medicine treatment for ADHD and ADD included acupuncture, diet, and herbal treatment.

Chinese Master provided a neuro acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet and game treatment for ADHD kids. First, we will talk about neuro acupuncture. Neuro acupuncture is using few of the fine needles to puncture at the head/scalp. Acupuncture could help to balance the Yin and Yang inside the body and flow the Qi (energy) in the brain. When Yin and Yang is balance and Qi works fine in the body, then people is healthy.


Combined Medicine Treatment with others Treatment

Diet treatment for ADHD and ADD kids do affected the symptoms. A lot of research shows, ADHD kids had a different level of food allergic. Chinese Master advise, ADHD and ADD kids should avoid sugar and carbohydrate in their daily meal. He have a diet list and schedule for his patient, if you need the diet list you can contact him.

Games Treatment for ADD and ADHD can help to treat the kids in a fun and meaningful way.  Games treatment can train the kids become more patients and focus on their task. Martial Arts, dance and exercise such as football, running and walking can release more Endorphins, serotin and norephrine hormones. This Hormone can help to release pleasure, pain and mood. Find out which sports that your kids like the most and play with them. Kids always like this sessions.

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If your kids diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, please get a treatment as fast as possible. An early treatment could have a better result.

NOTICE : ADD and ADHD CANNOT be fully CURE by any medicine or treatment ! Treatment and medicine can ONLY reduce the bad symptoms.


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